Clic Glasses

Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses are an innovative style of eyewear. Ideal for busy individuals who require reading glasses and often tend to lose them. The mix of comfort, durability, security and reliability together with a captivating design lends itself to a new concept in eyewear.

It's the optical equivalent of re-inventing the wheel!

CliC was born in 2000 and not only were customers delighted with CliC, CliC eyewear won the Vision Choice award 2 years running at the International Vision Expo for best new product. Time magazine called CliC's front connection technology: “The best eyewear innovation since glasses were invented.”

Choose, model, colour and power to suit you. We can add your specific reading prescription if the generic powers are not suitable for you.


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Clic Evolution Clic reading frames have an unique patented neodymium magnetic system allows the g..
Ex Tax: €85.00

Clic Executive Choosing Clic Executive Reading Eyewear doesn’t mean just wearing glasses. Clic Ey..
Ex Tax: €85.00

Clic Flex Clic Flex are the latest from Clic magnetic reading glasses. The head band is form-..
Ex Tax: €99.00

Choosing Clic Eyewear doesn’t mean just wearing glasses. When you don't need them, they hang comfort..
Ex Tax: €79.00