Scope Ophthalmics

Scope Ophthalmics is a pharmaceutical company that offers Dry Eye and Blepharitis products in both Ireland and the UK.

All their products are well tried and tested with massive success for patients worldwide. So much so that their Ocusoft range has been the market leader in America for a number of years and the HYLO range is the established market leader in Germany.

Here at OpticalRooms we only stock the best of Scope Ophthalmics dry eye products, including VitA-POS eye ointment, Ocusoft for lid hygiene, Tranquileyes hot compress and the HYLO eyedrop range.

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Hylo-Care Hylo-Care eye drops are preservative free. These are recommended for people suffering f..
Ex Tax: €13.50

Hylo-Forte Hylo-Forte 7.5ml from Scope Ophthalmics. Hylo-Forte is a preservative free intens..
Ex Tax: €13.50

Hylo-Tear Hylo-Tear 10ml from Scope Ophthalmics. In a specially formulated bottle these very..
Ex Tax: €13.50

Ocusoft Plus Pads 20 Pre-Moistened lid cleansing Pads containing antibacterial ingredients in a u..
Ex Tax: €16.50

  Ocusoft Pads OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Original is recommended for daily eyelid hygiene, condit..
Ex Tax: €13.00

Optase Eyebag New
Optase Optase is the latest moist heat pack available. Moist heat has been shown to be more ef..
Ex Tax: €28.00

Tranquileyes Dual Tranquileyes Dual is a combimation of both the Tranquileyes Beads and Instants...
Ex Tax: €69.00

  Tranquileyes Instants Tranquileyes is the latest moist heat pack recommended for dry ey..
Ex Tax: €44.00

VitA-POS VitA-POS is a preservative-free ointment made by Scope Optalmics. Due to its smooth, gel-l..
Ex Tax: €10.00