VHI Optical Benefit

Vhi Optical Benefits


Opticalrooms, an Irish optical company, has partnered with Vhi to offer optical benefits to their members within their chosen healthcare plan.

Patients are entitled to eye examinations and contact lens fitting within any of our clinics in Dublin, Cork or Galway.

Because of our partnership, all paperwork and claims are dealt with immediately and no reclaiming is required. There is also an allowance towards any optical frames or sunglasses that we supply. Policy holders with Optical as part of their package should log into MyVhi , it maybe necessary to taake the short online E-Screen test

This is a quick overview of your visual status and does not prevent you applying for an eye test but does activate your account and optical benefits. We will not be able to claim your benefits until your account is activated. 

OpticalRooms offer low online prices and supply most of the recognised brands such as RayBan, Tom Ford, Oakley, Carolina Herrera, Crocs, Lacoste, Clic Frames and many more. 

Patients have the option of ordering online from us and using their benefits.

Contact us prior to placing your order and we will confirm what allowance you are entitled to. Info@opticalrooms.com

Optical Benefit for the Self Employed

Good news for the hard working self employed and their dependent partners this week with the introduction of 
optical benefit through their PRSI contributions. At the end of March 2017 the social welfare department announce 
the inclusion of optical and dental cover to almost 450,000 self-employed people and their partners. 
This is the first time ever their social security (PRSI) payments allow health benefits for the self-employed through 
the treatment benefits scheme.  
Simply, it means people that work for themselves paying PRSI class S, can now get free eye and dental examinations 
similar to what their employees have enjoyed for years. This includes all small business owners, tradespeople, contractors, 
freelancers, farmers and professionals paying class S PRSI.
Leo Varadhar announced this was one of his key priorities as Minister for Social Protection. Correctly he believes 
"that self-employed people deserve to be supported by government and treated equally when it comes to tax and social insurance".
This inclusion of self-employed people estimated between business owners and their dependent spouses adds 450,000 people, to the  2.2 million other PRSI contributors.

Further improvements in the treatment benefit scheme are also promised at the end of this year as some of the previous 
benefits that were removed during the financial crisis will be restored. 
As part of the austerity measures adopted to restore financial stability the dispensing element of the 
optical benefit scheme was removed.  This was the availability of free standard frames and lenses or 
a contribution towards frames and lenses. Perhaps this was the most popular element to the benefit as it offered 
affordable frames and lenses to everyone eligible.
Typically we email the patient's PRSI number to the depart of social welfare to get authorisation for free eye examinations. 
Feel free to contact us on info@opticalrooms.com. 
We generally get a response from the department within a few hours of submitting this request.

Both measures are greatly appreciated within our industry and should improve the number of people that include eye examinations as part of their general health. 
As a large part of our work is within the corporate space digital eye strain has exploded due to the use of technology in all aspects of our lives. Eye strain was more common in the middle age and older due to the natural changes that occur within the eye, but this has completely reversed. Young office workers are now more likely to complain of eye strain due to the extended periods on digital devices throughout the day. As the "internet of things" only gathers more momentum we need to include eye care as a standard part of all health checks.
Much can be done to alleviate digital eye strain and it is not a necessary outcome of extended use of digital devices.
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