VSP Vision Care

VSP Vision Care in the Irish Market

VSP providers are a group of independent optometrists located near where you live and work, with evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule. OpticalRooms are proud to be included as a confirmed VSP provider in Ireland. Opticalrooms have a direct billing relationship where we can allow you the patient your benefit against the cost immediately. Book your appointment  online or call our central number 01 8089013 for any of our clinics Dublin, Cork and soon Galway. 

In March of 2014 the American company, VSP Vision Care was launched in Dublin. They partner with Irish employee benefit companies and health insurers to make its vision benefit options available to Irish employers.

A group of independent optometrists founded VSP in September 1955 with a dream of providing high-quality, cost-effective eyecare benefits. More than 60 years later, they offer world-class products and services to eyecare professionals, employers, and members. With more than 64 million members in the US, VSP provides eyecare coverage to 1 in 6 Americans and employs more than 5,500 people worldwide.

 “Many of our global clients have operations in Ireland, and they have asked us to bring our product into this market,” said VSP Vision Care president Jim McGrann.

“Eye care and eye exams are low-cost and effective solutions that play a key role in supporting the overall health of the population. Many chronic health conditions – such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol – can be detected through an eye exam, providing the opportunity for early detection and management of these diseases, which in turn can deliver better health outcomes for employees and cost savings for employers.”

“We know there is a very challenging climate in the private health insurance market in Ireland, and we are confident that by introducing a vision plan, employers and insurers can deliver better health outcomes for their employees and members.” 

More than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies that offer a vision plan in the US offer VSP to their employees. 

All of the VSP Global companies invest time, money, and care into their numerous charitable programmes, including educating people about the importance of regular eyecare for overall health.


People in Ireland have diabetes.


Irish live with low vision or sight loss.

€386 Million

is the cost of vision impairment to Ireland.