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Optical Onsite.

Opticalrooms offers a comprehensive Optical service onsite throughout Ireland. Our professional optometrists will come onsite with a full mobile unit offering comprehensive eye examinations as well as VDU (DSE) screening. 


This popular onsite service is gathering great momentum as companies and employees alike realise the convenience and benefit it brings to the workplace.

In our technology lead environment extended hours at our desk can be the cause of considerable eye strain. There are measures to reduce this strain as well as optimise performance. We are experts in our field and bring both the technology and our experience in dealing with visual problems. We specialise in Blue Light blocking lenses as well as issues with dry eyes and ocular front surface disease.


Opticalrooms is a registered provider with Vhi, VSP, Irish Life Health and Laya Health and Wellness. We are also the optical provider for Spectrum Health.

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Call Don on 087 2482327 to discuss how we can help.