Digital eye strainand tired eyes are increasingly problematic for many reasons.

The latest report Eyes Overexposed: The Digital Device Dilemma just released from the Vision Council highlights many of the visual difficulties we are experiencing as our world becomes more and more digitized. Interestingly in the survey of over 10,000 adults 8 out 10 people were using more than 1 device or monitor at any one time.

  • Tired eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritated eyes,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Neck and back pain and
  • Headaches

are all common symptoms of digital eye strain. But visual discomfort doesn’t have to be an unavoidable outcome of using our digital devices. Tired eyes due to digital eye strain is principal triggered by proximity to the device frequency and duration on the task

  • reduced blink rate while concentrating “Blue Light” as emitted from digital devices

The optical industry has responded to the shift in digital habits and has developed lens technology to deal with vision problems and protect eyes from the blue light, glare, and other environmental stressors. Commonly referred to as computer glasses, optical lenses now include a special coating that is constructed specifically for the mid-distance range at which users typically view a digital screen. These BlueControl lenses can be purchased with or without a prescription.

The lenses and filters are customized to reduce blurriness and pixelation, decrease brightness, block blue light, and minimize glare while working in front of a screen—or multiple screens.

There are many simple strategies to reduce digital eye strain and the tired eyes associated with it. Improved posture and working habits greatly reduce the eye strain and the fatigue associated with this type of near work. Remember our eyes were never adapted to be locked at a fixed distance particularly near our face for such extended periods. So it helps to push back from the monitors and look away into the distance to relieve the muscle within your eyes, straining to keep your near vision in focus.

Experiment after experiment detail, the reduction in blink rate when concentrating on a near task. The heat and blue light emitted from your device further accelerated your tear evaporation. Once the cornea you front clear window, dries you are going to start experiencing difficulties. the tear film is no longer coating and protecting the cornea.


Frequently by the time patients come along to our dry eye clinics inflammation has set in and the cycle begins. It can be difficult to break this cycle, and patients face months of treatment to revert back to a normal healthy eye.

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