Driving Licence Eye Test

Eye Test for the Driving Licence.

New rules apply for passing the eye test for the driving licence both group 1 (the ordinary car licenses) and especially for group 2 which is for trucks, buses etc.




We can complete the forms necessary for both group 1 and group 2 applicants. The visual field test required for group 2 license applicants is not widely available but we have the equipment to carry out this test in our clinics, Dublin x 3, Cork x1 and corporate onsite locations. 

The test requires a set standard of vision with or without glasses, good contrast sensitivity (ability to see in a faded light) and normal visual fields. The standard to drive in the group 2 category is much more stringent than for the group 1 applicant.


We have a much more detailed description Here


If you need either the group 1 (€20) or a group 2 (€40) eye test completed we would be happy to do it for you.

We accept Medical Cards and employees paying full PPS.

Bring along the forms to complete or alternatively, we can supply them.


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