Do Optical Rooms Accept Medical Cards?

Yes, we accept medical cards. The process is, we complete the application adding the medical card details. 

This green form is submitted to the HSE for approval and returned to the patients home address. The patient is free then to return to complete the eye examination.
The exam fee is fully covered by the sanctioned form and there are various allowances fo frames and glasses, distance, reading, bifocals etc.
We can also claim a small allowance if the patient elects to have contact lenses rather than glasses. Typically the medical card can only be used every 2 years.
Where there is a medical condition exception can be made when the application is accompanied by a letter from the GP stating why an eye examination is required
within the time frame.

What are recent the changes to the PPS, Optical Benefit?

Two major changes have occurred recently. Firstly the self-employed are now able to claim the same benefits as the employee.
Secondly, at the end of Oct. 2017 the benefit towards glasses, distance and reading will be restored. This allows €42 towards the distance, reading glasses or contact lenses.
This allowance was scrapped during the financial crisis years 2010 but is a welcome benefit now for all PPS eligible patients.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes, we have a live booking platform that will allow you to select the clinic nearest you and see what times are available to book.
Use this link to see the selection of clinics https://www.opticalrooms.com/pages/appointment
Employees of large companies where we offer our optical service will be directed to the company's own health portal to book in. Apple Wellness and Microsoft BookingBug

Can I ask a question regarding my eyes?

Sure, you can use the "message us" link at the bottom of the page or simply email us on info@opticalooms.com and we will revert
as quickly as possible with the answer.

Have you any advice on dry, tired eyes?

We have many treatments for dry eye and the various strategies are listed on the upper menu of the website.
It is recommended to get a dry eye assessment if you want to improve your chances of successfully managing your symptoms.
Book into any of our clinics convenient to you and we will assess what the most likely cause of your discomfort is and give
you the best advice on how to self-manage the condition. There are many facets to dry eye management we will greatly improve
your comfort and prevent further escalation of the symptoms.

Do you offer your services onsite?

Yes, we regularly go onsite into companies and large institutions o offer comprehensive eye examinations.
This can be single one-off type contracts or we can return on a predetermined regular basis.
Contact us on info@opticalrooms.com to discuss your needs.